About Us

As I grew up I found I had a passion and talent for art. During high school I honed my talent taking every art class I could sign up for. Shortly after high school I had to put my artistic endeavors on hold as I had my beautiful baby girl. My time was spent raising and supporting my daughter as a single mother, taking multiple jobs at times to make endss meet.

2016 was the year things started to go downhill. I felt lost and unhappy with how my life was going. Feeling an emptiness inside, something needed to change.

I decided to set a goal to see 100 Oregon waterfalls in one year. It was a wonderful experience and ended up being the best year of my life. After reaching my goal something was still missing.

Inspired by all the hikes and waterfalls I visited, I felt the need to share my love of nature the best way I knew how, by drawing again. I came up with the idea to create a coloring book about Silver Falls State Park.

My brother saw something in the drawings and we decided to form a partnership to make the coloring book. He took some money out of savings and we started our new business, Land of the Lost Girl. A brother and sister team in the Pacific Northwest making posters, coloring books and greeting cards. Along with puzzles made through our partnership with Portland Puzzle Company.